The Republican God Delusion – King Trump? (#103)

American Republican Party’s hypocrisy has long been noted around the World. What with their tireless efforts to tamper with democracy itself, with planned and active suppression of Black American and minority votes through ‘Gerrymandering’; their opposition to abortion, except when one of their politician requires it, hush-hush of course; their believing in the sanctity of ‘unborn life’ but not in lives taken almost daily, because ‘guns’ are more sacred than American lives, once born; and of course the Christian credo that ‘all are created equal in the sight of God’ unless of course they are ‘colored’ (Black Americans) then not so much; and, in their belief that people of other races (obviously not created by the same God) are always fair game, to be killed in the millions, with trumped up excuses for their countries to be obliterated, which of course is very patriotic particularly ‘Republican’ - as in their eyes Republicans are the most patriotic.

When a country’s, or a political party’s, values are that distorted, then you know it is totally corrupted, especially when ‘God’s own’ move into the center of power, in this case the White House itself, spouting absolute hypocritical nonsense, and anointing one of the most corrupt, dishonest, unethical and least ‘Christian’ men in America, as ‘God’s Chosen’.

And this is in a country, the United States of America, where the separation of State and Church, though not explicitly prohibited in the Constitution, has been the overriding principle in the past governing of the country, which today has been totally rejected by the Evangelical & Christian Republicans running it today.

America’s ‘Founding Fathers’ knew of the dangers of religion justified governance from the experiences of the old countries of Europe from where they and their ancestors had originally come. And now, from the examples of the current Islamic regimes - most of which America is so critical of, and condemns - and some of which it has actively tried to change the regimes of, for years (i.e. Iran).

And even though America knows that seldom has any good come from mixing religion and politics, but still that knowledge has not stopped the Republicans from actively brewing the potentially lethal mix, along with stoking racial, ethnic and ideological differences at the expense of the country, but with the goal of retaining their’s and their ‘King’ Trump’s earthly political power at all costs.

There is the (soon-to-quit) Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, recently on Fox News network, saying that Trump is God’s ‘Chosen One’.

And knowing that the preposterous statement would raise a few eyebrows, considering the well-known shortcomings of Trump’s extraordinarily flawed character, he tried to head off the objections at the pass, by stating: “God’s used imperfect people all through history. King David wasn’t perfect. Saul wasn’t perfect. Solomon wasn’t perfect.”

Firstly, using the ancient ‘Kings of Israel’ as an example of ‘God’s chosen’ leadership in a Federal Republic, and a constitutionally representative democracy, which America is - is to not understand the difference between a ‘Monarchy’ and a ‘Democracy’ (which is a bit bizarre, considering this is the Secretary of Energy and the former Governor of Texas we are talking about here). And if Perry was equating the US President as a ‘King’ in terms of just ‘leadership’, even then there is a ‘judicial’ problem, because it pushes the narrative that Trump is ordained by God, and therefore is above-the-law of the country, as Kings normally are. And that line of propaganda pushed by Republicans, and by Trump’s Spiritual Adviser, Paula White (below), was absolutely debunked on Monday, November 25th, by Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who ruled - “The primary take away from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that Presidents are not Kings,”; and

Secondly, while it is true that ‘nobody is perfect’, and neither were the Kings - Saul, David and Solomon, but none of them were so overwhelmingly endowed with basic human flaws that Trump is permeated with - rampant narcissism, almost comical false pride, distressing daily pathological lying, severe lack of judgment, consistent tendencies towards deceit, shamelessness, immorality, total lack of ethics, etc., etc., etc… And, just to carry this Biblical King-thing a bit further - as Prophet Samuel was responsible for anointing Saul as the first King of Israel, is Putin and therefore Russia then the equivalent of Prophet Samuel in getting Trump elected as the 45th US President?

The Republicans certainly seem to have embraced Russia as preferable to a lot of American institutions, including the America’s brand of democracy with free elections. The rabid Trump supporter and a consistently offensive Tucker Carlson, was the latest Republican, in a long line of Trump Republicans, to declare on his Fox prime time show, “Why shouldn’t I root for Russia, which I am?”. And when the proverbial ‘sh*t hit the fan’, he walked it back by repeating what Trump and other Republicans say when forced to recant, ‘I was joking’.

He is not the first, nor will he be the last in the Republican Party, and within the Trump circle, to have an open preference for Russia, and more affection for Putin (by their logic also God ordained, no doubt), than for their fellow Americans, particularly if they are Democrats.

But the strange brew of Trump and Republican religious-delusions doesn’t end there.

Trump has a ‘Personal Pastor and Spiritual Adviser’ in the White House itself, in the person of the highly controversial Paula White, a TV Evangelist, a practitioner of the uniquely American offshoot of Christianity known as the ‘prosperity gospel’, in which, in stark contrast to Christ’s teachings (the lifelong rejection of wealth and of self-aggrandizement), the prosperity gospel preachers exhort their immense flocks to actively pursue the acquiring of personal wealth and the pursuit of self-fulfillment, rather than the life of sacrifice and poverty that Christ specifically instructed throughout his Ministry on Earth.

In preaching ‘gospel-based prosperity’ to their gigantic flocks, they exhort and threaten their listeners into sending VERY large checks to their ‘Ministry’, as tokens of their faith, and their need to be ‘tenfold’ prosperity blessed.

That particular brand of ‘gospel’ has allowed American TV Evangelists, like Paula White, to live in multi-million dollar mansions, fly in their very own private jets, and live a life style that the old ‘Kings of Israel’ would have been extremely envious of, and Christ would not recognize as representation of his life-long teachings - the rejection of the seeking of wealth on Earth, but rather the devotion to laying up treasures in Heaven (Mathew 6: 19 – 20).

This deviation from the original biblical truths, into the realm of self-gratification and the unabashed pursuit of wealth and power is probably why Trump was attracted to Paula White in the first place. They share some other very worldly traits.

They both are TV personalities, unabashed self-promoters and rabidly ambitious, truth challenged, prey on other’s naiveties, and exploit their desires for wealth and power; both are divorced a number of times, and have rather stormy and colorful personal and business histories, even though from the opposite ends of the social and economic spectrum; she from poverty and he from a rich family. But, they probably recognize in each other kindred spirits that do not let truth and principles of honesty, ethics and humility stand in their way of acquiring immense personal wealth and power. The common ground that they share is the ability to say and do whatever it takes to get the desired result that fulfill their personal ambitions.

Paula White is rejected by some of the more prominent conservative Christian scholars and leaders as a heretic and a charlatan, and a few of her quotes below may indicate why they are not impressed:

“To say no to President Trump, would be saying no to God”

“Where ever I go God rules”

“When I walk on White House grounds, God walks on White House grounds”

“I have every right and authority to call White House grounds Holy ground, because I was standing there, and where I stand is Holy”

“Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus”

“I am downloading Heaven”

Well obviously this sort of ‘spirituality’ not only defies logic but numerous tenets of Christ’s teachings. But, it seems to be quite acceptable to a majority of politically inclined Evangelicals and Republicans, because they are solidly behind Trump, even though some of what has been uttered by Paula White smacks of blasphemy at best, and pure nonsense at the very least.

And if the whole thing wasn’t so demented and dangerous, it would be a hilarious spoof of current American politics with the Republicans being the comedic villains, court jesters and charlatans, in the court of the ‘God’s chosen one’, and Putin anointed, King - Donald J. Trump, the First – (and hopefully the last).


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