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Weakness In Economies – Strength in Financial Markets – Zen Like Detachment (#62)

Continuing weakness and deterioration in the global economies firms up the financial markets around the world, and sends them rebounding. The probabilities of further Quantitative Easing (Europe, China and Japan), and maximum monetary stimulus through suppressed interest rates ‘zero or near zero percent’, stretching out indefinitely in United States, Japan and Europe, becomes the stimulus. This seemingly endless easy and cheap money environment is causing the professional financial players to rejoice and continue the speculation in the asset markets, causing rally after rally to drive and keep the stock market indexes at record levels. The continuation of this long distance running bull market also gives the insiders the time and ability to suck in the up-to-now wary small investors into the deep end of an aging and highly dangerous financial market, as per the mantra of the insiders and brokers worldwide, ‘If God didn’t want the sheep sheared, He wouldn’t have made them sheep’.

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